2,000 110,000 

Watercolor painting on paper
62.5 x 51 cms

my artwork captures the beauty of first morning sunlight hitting the face of cow and walls of veranda of an old house in the beautiful blue city of Jodhpur,the play of different shadows and highlights of cool blue and warm sanguine.

to get a good contrast between background & foreground I have painted the cow more realistic & bright on contrary background veranda is semi abstract and dark

It is my absolute way of perceiving the subject without categorizing them according to their usefulness or seeking to possess them by just enjoying the play of composition & color.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 62.5 × 51 × 1 cm
Original / Limited Edition Prints

Original Artwork, 30 x 21 cms, 42 x 30 cms, 60 x 42 cms, 84 x 60 cms