Sujith Puthran

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me...

I am a sensitive and introspective self taught artist who love to explore different mediums of art, I have been working with many Indian themes capturing emotions & moods with a penchant for unusual & thought-provoking subjects. Within the apparent calm and stillness of my repertoire lie hidden & complex psychological elements, which I want the people to experience through my art. Every subject in my artwork has an untold story which in modern times we don’t nurture because of technological advancements. I carve-out my private artistic temperament with my expressive figurative art.

Welcome To My Website

I have been expressing my thoughts through my art for more than 10 years and have explored and experimented with various art mediums. I don’t have any special liking for any medium like most artists do, I respect all mediums equally and find it fun to work in any art medium.